Local Analysis-Lower Moreland Township

Lower Moreland Township


Lower Moreland is located in southeastern Pennsylvania, very close to the Philadelphia County line.  Totaling 7.3 square miles of land area, the municipality is “U” shaped with the Borough of Bryn Athyn carved out of its center. It is bounded by Abington Township to the south, Philadelphia County (Northeast Philadelphia) to the east, Upper Moreland Township to the west and Bucks County to the north.

According to the Township’s own website, “the rich history of Lower Moreland Township can compare to that of anywhere to that of anywhere in all of Montgomery County.  A center of busy commuter travel during the 17th & 18th centuries, the Lower Moreland of the 20th century saw the conversion of a farming community to the development of manufacturing and commercial industries.  The preeminence of flour and saw mills soon gave way, and Lower Moreland exploded into the baby-boomer years between the late forties and early sixties.  In 1950, Lower Moreland possessed only 2,245 residents as counted by the US Census Bureau, but by 1970 that number spiked dramatically to 11,746 people; this growth ushered in the tremendous modern day appeal that Lower Moreland possesses for young couples entering the market for a place to live.  In 1948, as a testament to its steady historic growth, Lower Moreland achieved First Class Township Status. Today, Lower Moreland boasts some of the highest standards of living in the Greater Philadelphia area.  Whether the fact that 90% of the Township is comprised of single-dwelling homes, has one of the highest per capita incomes in Montgomery County, or perhaps the best public school system there is to offer, Lower Moreland is undoubtedly an attractive community, offering the best of suburban living in close proximity to major urban areas.  Entrenched in historic significance and local pride, Lower Moreland is at the forefront of residential living as we enter a new American century.”

According to the 2010 US Census, the total population of Lower Moreland Township was 12,982 with 4,548 total households with a median household income of $105,109. In the year 2000 census, the total population of Lower Moreland Township was 11,281 with 4,112 total households with a median household income of $82,597 (21.42% less than the present income).

In conclusion, Lower Moreland Township which offers an upscale, high-income, community within close proximity to Northeast Philadelphia.